Coworking Mallorca – the modern work environment with flexible desks in the coworking space in Mallorca

What do you expect from a modern, professional place to work, where you work efficiently?
Probably exactly those that Coworking Mallorca will fulfill.

Our highlights

  • Free W-LAN with 1.000 mbps high speed internet
  • Modern LED lighting.
  • Desks for working with a width of 110 cm each.
  • A coffee lounge for communicative work.
  • A soundproof phone box for less noise, fewer distractions and full focus on your confidential phone calls and online meetings.
  • High-quality LAVAZZA coffee, cold drinks and snacks.
  • Printing, scanning and copying in the Business Center.

In addition, your flexible coworking space in Mallorca is of course also fully heated/air-conditioned.

Low prices, full transparency and flexibility – that is what Coworking Mallorca offers you

At Coworking Mallorca, you choose exactly the tariff that suits you. You can reserve your temporary desk flexibly – without a contract.

All of our coworking rates already include the following features and benefits:

  • Flexible use of workstations in the coworking space and coffee lounge (subject to availability and prior reservation)
  • Free use of the soundproof telephone box (depending on availability)
  • 50% discount for the use of our office services: Printing, Scanning and Copying.

Our rates

“Day pass” 25 € per day
(incl. 21% IVA)

Our daily rate at fair terms and conditions for all those who need a quiet place to work from time to time or who would like to hold an online meeting with business partners in a professional environment.

Valid Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Prior reservation is mandatory.

“Day pass incl. beverage package” 30 € per day
(incl. 21% IVA)

Our popular daily rate includes high-quality beverages from our Coffee Lounge. These include Lavazza specialty coffees, mineral water, juices, soft drinks and iced tea.

Valid Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Prior reservation is mandatory.

And this is what our guests say:

Comfort, small coworking! Has all the necessary for calm work! Nice and pleasant personnel!

Eugenia Lebedieva (Google Rezension)

Very nicely furnished coworking space. I spontaneously looked for a place with fast internet for the same day, which worked out great. There is also a phone box where you can make undisturbed calls. The owners and staff are very friendly and speak Spanish, English and German. Thank you very much and I will gladly recommend you.

Simone C. S. (Google Rezension)

Used this coworking space for some client calls. It’s a very clean and modern space, WiFi was fast, phone booth was very quiet and coffee was delicious. Super friendly owners made me feel welcome, I will definitely work from there again next time I am in the area.

Anna Lenz (Google Rezension)

Coffee Lounge

In our Coffee Lounge we serve you delicious LAVAZZA coffee, cold drinks and selected snacks. In addition, our Coffee Lounge is also very suitable for working and creative exchange with other co-workers.

Soundproof telephone box

As one of the first coworking spaces in Mallorca, we have purchased a soundproof telephone box (made in Germany). This ensures less noise, less distraction and full focus on your confidential phone calls and online meetings.

Rent with a valid hourly or daily pass:


Coworking Mallorca

Office services

In addition, Coworking Mallorca offers you important office services such as printing, copying and scanning.

Conditions for external guests:

  • Copy A4 (color) – 0,50€ per sheet
  • Copy A4 (black/white) – 0,30€ per sheet
  • Print A4 (color) – 0,50€ per sheet
  • Print A4 (black/white) – 0,30€ per sheet
  • Scan – 0,50€ per scan

Conditions with a valid coworking pass (50% discount):

  • Copy A4 (color) – 0,25€ per sheet
  • Copy A4 (black/white) – 0,15€ per sheet
  • Print A4 (color) – 0,25€ per sheet
  • Print A4 (black/white) – 0,15€ per sheet
  • Scanning – 0,25€ per scan


Why is Coworking Mallorca at Playa de Palma so ideally located?

Coworking Mallorca at Playa de Palma offers an optimal location for several reasons. First, it’s just steps away from the beach, so you can dive right into the Mediterranean ambiance after work. Second, it’s close to the airport, making it easy for international business travelers to arrive and depart. There are also a variety of restaurants, cafes, and recreational opportunities in the immediate area that can enhance your workday. The combination of work opportunities and proximity to the beach makes Coworking Mallorca at Playa de Palma an optimal place for productive work and a balanced lifestyle.

What do international guests have to say about Coworking Mallorca?

International guests have given consistently positive feedback about Coworking Mallorca. They praise the high-quality workspaces, the modern facilities and the inspiring working atmosphere. Many also appreciate the opportunity to get in touch with like-minded people from different industries and benefit from their experience. The proximity to the beach and the relaxed Mediterranean environment are also highly appreciated. Overall, coworking Mallorca is praised by international guests as an ideal mix of professional work and relaxed island life.

What advantages does Coworking Mallorca offer compared to the other coworking spaces on Mallorca?

Coworking Mallorca offers a number of advantages compared to other coworking spaces on the island. First, it stands out for its prime location on Playa de Palma, close to the airport and with direct access to the beach. This allows for convenient arrival and departure for international business travelers. Secondly, Coworking Mallorca offers high-quality workspaces with state-of-the-art equipment and inspiring work environments. It also has a motivated network of professionals from different industries, which provides great networking opportunities. Finally, users also appreciate the variety of restaurants, cafes and leisure activities in the area, which enrich the overall experience. Overall, coworking Mallorca is praised by international guests as an ideal mix of professional work and relaxed island life.

How does Coworking Mallorca differ in price from other coworking spaces in Mallorca?

The exact price differences between Coworking Mallorca and other coworking spaces in Mallorca can vary and depend on several factors, such as location, services offered and amenities included. Coworking Mallorca’s prices are transparent and easy to understand. There are day passes for 25€ per day, each already including 21% IVA. When comparing prices with other providers, it is also recommended to pay attention to the fact that often the IVA must be added. At Coworking Mallorca, all prices are always inclusive of IVA. This means that high-quality working environments and first-class facilities are provided at reasonable prices.