Are you planning a seminar or other event for 5 to 25 people? Coworking Mallorca offers you the perfect meeting room in Mallorca, directly on the Playa de Palma.

What are your requirements for a suitable meeting room for your next event? Comfortable chairs, modern LED lighting with warm light, excellent air conditioning, modern equipment, free high-speed internet, free parking for participants in the immediate vicinity and delicious LAVAZZA coffee? Coworking Mallorca meets all these requirements and much more as a conference location!

You can book our popular Open Space with approx. 60m² exclusively for your next conference (ideal for 5 to 25 people). We offer a very fair and easy-to-understand pricing model for this.

Meeting room with 60 m2 – 255€ per day
(incl. 21% IVA)

Our rate for events from Monday to Sunday in the period from 08.00 to 18.00.

Meeting room with 60 m2 – 165€ per ½ day
(incl. 21% IVA)

Our rate for half-day events from Monday to Sunday in the period from 09:00 to 13:00, from 14:00 to 18:00 or from 18:00 to 22:00.

Coworking Mallorca offers the right tariff for everyone. No matter which tariff you choose, you always benefit from the following inclusive services:

  • Free W-LAN with 1.000 mbits high speed internet.
  • Modern LED lighting
  • Operating costs (electricity, water, etc.)
  • Tables and chairs for up to 25 participants
  • Professional on-site support
  • Flipchart, screen and beamer
  • Heating and air conditioning

You can choose one of the 3 following seating arrangements for your event:

  • Block
  • Parliamentary
  • Theatre/Cinema

Of course, we will try to take your individual wishes regarding seating into account. The Coworking Mallorca team will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.

And this is what our customers say about us:

„Highly recommended! We use the premises for our training and are very pleased with the service, the prices and the location. The team is professional and flexible. Individual customer requests can be fulfilled at short notice. See you next time!“
Source: Google reviews

„We made a 2 day workshop at Coworking Mallorca. Everything from communication, organization and execution worked like a charm. When we got in, the meeting room was prepared, we got beverages and coffee whenever we needed, Wifi worked well. It was a pleasure to be guests. And the icing on the cake is that the beach is so close that we could spend breaks at the beach catching some sun. Thanks Coworking Mallorca for the pleasant 2 days.“
Source: Google reviews

Your flexible meeting room in Mallorca

Our meeting room is very flexible in configuration. Thus, in addition to team meetings, seminars and conferences of many kinds, product presentations, television productions, podcast recordings, LIVE webinars and much more have taken place in our meeting room.

The private atmosphere in Coworking Mallorca is very much appreciated by many television productions and celebrity guests. For a small surcharge, you can also rent the entire Coworking Mallorca exclusively in addition to the seminar room, thereby ensuring absolute peace and exclusivity for your event.

The meeting room in Coworking Mallorca is completely carpeted, which ensures good acoustics and well-being for the guests. In addition, the meeting room can be almost completely darkened and offers a great indoor climate both in the summer months and in the winter months.

Peer Kusmagk (Actor, Moderator, Life Coach)

“I used the rooms of Coworking Mallorca for the LIVE broadcast of a webinar as a studio as well as a location for my life coaching seminar “happy from today”. The rooms are ideally suited for seminars as well as for use as a studio. The team, the equipment and the catering was perfect. I appreciate the privacy in this location and the optimal location right on the beach and close to the airport.”

Ab heute happy mit Peer Kusmagk

Live stream of your event

With reliable high-speed internet and professional equipment, we make it easy for you to smoothly conduct your livestreams without complications. Our team ensures a seamless workflow so you can fully focus on your audience.

The prices for a live stream of your conference or event vary depending on your needs. We will gladly provide you with an individual offer.

Coffee Lounge

In our Coffee Lounge we serve delicious LAVAZZA coffee, cold drinks and selected snacks. In addition, our Coffee Lounge is also very suitable for creative exchange during breaks. The drinks and snacks are charged separately. Of course, you can also decide whether the beverages and snacks are added to the total bill or paid for by the participants themselves directly on site.

The prices for food and drinks are very fair:

In addition to individual billing, we also offer beverage flat rates for conferences. Our beverage packages include unlimited consumption of conference drinks (mineral water, juices, coffee, tea, iced tea, Coca Cola and other soft drinks) in the Coffee Lounge and in the conference room.

  • Beverage package 1 day – 15,00€ / person
  • Beverage package ½ day – 10,00€ / person

Food options in your meeting room


  • Freshly baked croissants – 1,80€ / piece
  • Freshly fruit skewers – 2,00€ / piece
  • Variation of sandwiches – 10,00€ / per person and day


  • Cold & warm finger food – 17,00€ / person and day
  • Variation of sandwiches – 10,00€ / per person and day


  • Variation of cakes – 7,00€ / person and day
  • Variation of cookies – 5,00€ / person and day
  • Freshly fruit skewers – 2,00€ / piece

Office services

In addition, the business center in Coworking Mallorca offers you important office services such as printing, copying and scanning.

  • Copy A4 (color) – 0,25€ per sheet
  • Copy A4 (black/white) – 0,15€ per sheet
  • Print A4 (color) – 0,25€ per sheet
  • Print A4 (black/white) – 0,15€ per sheet
  • Scanning – 0,25€ per scan


What distinguishes Coworking Mallorca as a meeting venue?

Coworking Mallorca offers a number of outstanding features as a meeting venue. Firstly, it has a spacious and well-equipped conference room that is ideal for business meetings, workshops, coaching sessions and seminars. Second, it provides an inspiring and professional working environment that enhances the creativity and productivity of meeting participants. Third, meeting attendees benefit from its convenient location on Playa de Palma – just 20 meters from the beach, close to the airport and with access to numerous hotels and leisure facilities for a pleasant quality of stay. The Coworking Mallorca team is also available to help organize events and offer customized solutions. Overall, Coworking Mallorca stands out as a meeting venue due to its professional premises, inspiring atmosphere and convenient location.

How do international companies rate the meeting room at Coworking Mallorca?

International companies have consistently given the meeting room at Coworking Mallorca a positive rating. They appreciate the high-quality equipment of the room, the modern technologies and the pleasant working atmosphere. The flexibility of the space allows them to hold their meetings, conferences and workshops effectively. In addition, they praise the support and commitment of the Coworking Mallorca team in organizing and hosting their events. The convenient location of Coworking Mallorca, close to the airport and with access to amenities such as hotels and restaurants, also receives positive reviews. Overall, international companies have appreciated the meeting space at Coworking Mallorca as a prime option for business events in Mallorca. The positive reviews on Google speak for themselves.

What size and event formats is the meeting room at Coworking Mallorca best suited for?

The meeting room at Coworking Mallorca is best suited for small to medium-sized events and groups. It offers enough space for meetings, seminars, workshops and presentations with a number of participants ranging from about 5 to 25 people. The room is designed to provide a comfortable working environment and a good view of presentations. The modern equipment of the meeting room, including technologies, supports effective communication and collaboration during events. The Coworking Mallorca team is also available to help customize the space for different event formats and requirements. Overall, the meeting room at Coworking Mallorca is ideal for smaller business events and provides a professional and inspiring environment.

What makes Mallorca a great destination for small international meetings?

Mallorca is a popular meeting destination for smaller, international meetings for several reasons. First, the island offers a well-developed infrastructure with a variety of high-quality hotels and meeting facilities specifically designed for business events. Second, Mallorca’s pleasant Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches and scenic beauty lure meeting attendees, creating an attractive backdrop for meetings. Third, the island is easily accessible, especially for European visitors, as Palma de Mallorca International Airport offers a variety of flight connections. In addition, Mallorca offers a wide range of leisure activities and cultural attractions that allow attendees to combine their meeting with a pleasant stay. Overall, Mallorca stands out as a meeting destination for smaller, international meetings due to its first-class infrastructure, attractive surroundings and accessibility.